dst builds the Design Institute in Guimarães

dst is building the new Design Institute of Minho's University. This  public entity from Guimarães will be housed in the old Fábrica de Curtumes da Ramada (old factory) at the historic centre of the city,  representing approximatly an income of three million euros. The project aims the rehabilitation of two buildings, a semi-public plaza  and  the construction of a five-storey building that will also be used as a belvedere over the Couros area.

On the ground floor there will be the reception,  cafetaria  and several shops. The other areas of the building will be for  workshops and studios where artists may develop their own creativity.

There will be a connection from this Institute of Design to Gaspar Roriz street/ S. Francisco square, bringing back  to the city the old street of Soalhães and, at the same time, encouraging a pedestrian crosswalk through this new public space.

The intervention works carried out in consortium with the company CARI, also belonging to the dst group, foresees a full renewal  of the old factory and the maintenance of wooden window frames, balconies, and their forged iron, as well as the lettring of the old Ramada Factory.

"This project has a special importance to dst since it allows us to continue  promoting art in our country, giving it a new space to grow and, simultaneously, strengthen the regional economy", said said José Teixeira, CEO of the dst group.

The municipal councillor from the Guimarães Municipal Works Department, Domingos Bragança, assumes that this work is a contribution to strengthen region competitiveness, contributing for the development of traditional textile and footwear industries as well as to others more recent, such as metallurgy and metalworking".

The new Design Institute of Minho's University shall be concluded In September 2011.